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Weddings Elsewhere - Fall 2014 27 Tasty Ideas artaking of Spices: This African tradition might be especially fun for a couple who loves to cook together, or if the wedding is being held in a destination known for its cuisine. During the ceremony, you feed significant herbs or spices to each other, one at a time, to symbolize certain elements in life. For example, “In marriage you commit to endure all aspects of life together. There may be bitterness, as represented by vinegar, or sorrow, symbolized by lemon juice. Your great passion is demonstrated as you taste of cayenne pepper, and a spoonful of honey represent the sweetness you share in life.” Of course if your wedding is in an exotic location, using local spices would add a special touch. Wine Blending: For centuries, wine has been used in wedding ceremonies as a symbol of joy and the richness of life, so it is appropriate to toast your day with this ancient symbol. You each take a sip of a dry red wine, which represents the challenges of life that you will bear together. You then drink a small amount of sweet white wine, symbolizing the happiness and prosperity that you will enjoy together in life. A little of the red and a lot of the white is then blended, demonstrating that while there will be some challenges and much happiness in your marriage, the challenges will be easier to bear because you do so together, and the happiness will be even greater because it is shared. Chocolate Ceremony: Similar to the wine ceremony, this tasty ritual allows you to share dark and sweet chocolate. Once considered the food of the Gods, chocolate not only nourishes your body but also your heart and soul. In marriage there will be sweet and gentle times, as well as dark and bitter moments. As you feed each other a bite of dark and of sweet chocolate, you promise to nourish each other in body, heart and soul. P Wine Blending

Weddings Elsewhere - Fall 2014
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