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Weddings Elsewhere - Fall 2014 33 during the day in the middle of a French summer, consider a photo shoot with funny sunglasses when the sun is high so you’re not squinting in your pictures. Besides, adding some fun to your wedding album will bring back great memories! The Gastronomy: Provence is known for its cuisine—seafood, meats, fresh vegetables, fruits and grains, and olives! Whatever your needs for your reception or your diner, Provençal chefs can create a menu full of personality—yours!—and full of scents and delicious flavors. Consider mixing the gastronomic traditions from your culture and from ours. Making your menu special is a priority for our talented chefs. And if I could drop a hint to you: ask the chef to create something colorful and let the chef propose something tasty, as well as beautiful. And be sure to ask your wedding planner to give ideas to coordinate your wedding decorations with the menu. It’s all about the detail, isn’t it ? My Tips: Our chefs are proud to tickle the taste buds of the bride and groom to be and share a special moment with you apart from your wedding. If you’re able to come a week, or even a few days, early to your location, do a test menu of some of the appetizers and dishes that the chef proposes for your wedding menu. It will reassure you that your affair will be scrumptious. My Final Tip: The French have a reputation for an elegant and glamorous style. Take advantage of our local vendors, many of whom are bilingual, so that you have the stylish wedding of your dreams! ♥ Muriel Saldalamacchia, a member of the Association for Wedding Professionals International, is an international wedding planner based in Southern-France, New York City, and Miami. She can be reached by email at; by phone +33 607 410 117; or by Skype at muriel.saldalamacchia. Photographer / Cecile Creiche Photographer / Virginie Ovessian

Weddings Elsewhere - Fall 2014
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