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Weddings Elsewhere - Fall 2014 39 Gifts Mail your gift to the couple either before or after the wedding. There is no need to travel with your gift and then make the couple travel with it back home. The only exception to this rule is if your gift is something the couple can use while on vacation. For example, a restaurant gift card or a spa package they can use at the destination. Bring Important Documents Bring any information with you that bride and groom sent out ahead of time. This might include an information packet with contact information, times of events, and where to meet. This will keep you from trying to figure this out, possibly without a cell phone or internet access (depending on the location). Whenever you travel, it is also important to bring other documents, such as your passport, medical information, and emergency contact of someone at home. In addition to tips to help make your planning and traveling to the destination wedding easier, here are a few ideas to surprise the couple. Here are some fun ways to help make their destination wedding and honeymoon more fun! For Frequent Fliers: Use your points/status to upgrade the bride and groom to first class if you are flying on the same flight as them either to or from their wedding. Resort Surprise: Call ahead and have champagne in their room upon arrival, or book a couples mas-sage for them to use on their honeymoon, once the guests have gone home. Special Treat: Bring them a “drink of the day” while they are on the beach or at the restaurant where they are dining. Everyone enjoys a festive beverage and feeling loved! Decorate their resort door (or room) with fun “honeymoon” or “just married” items, such as a ban-ner, flower petals, and chocolates on the bed. Destination weddings are about experiencing a new location, spending time with those you love, and hav-ing fun! So sit back, relax and have a great time. ♥ Melissa van Fleet is owner of Tropical Vows, an online destination wedding resource to help plan your Caribbean destination wedding and honeymoon! Visit www.

Weddings Elsewhere - Fall 2014
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