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SOURCE - Spring 2013 9 LADWP Installs Earthquake Resistant Pipe The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power held a media briefing in late February on its project to test Kubota’s “Earthquake Resistant Ductile Iron Pipe” in locations near the site of the 1994 Northridge earthquake. This is the first U.S. installation of this pipe, which has performed very well in Japanese earthquakes and now makes up over 84 percent of all pipe currently used in that country. Colin Chung and Tim Worley represented AWWA and the CA-NV Section at the event. Tim Worley took these photos. Photo 1 shows the DWP team releasing the come-along and recording precise measurements for comparing against future pipe positioning; Photo 2 shows the crew raising segments of connected pipe to provide a sense of the deflection or displacement it will withstand in ground movement. Photo 3 is a cutaway view of a joint of the 150-mm ERDIP. Kubota has manufactured adaptors to transition between the metric and standard pipe sizes, although LADWP believes a typical coupling would also hold in emergency situations. S 1 2 3 operations

SOURCE - Spring 2013
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