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SOURCE - Winter 2016 5 SECTION NEWS New CA-NV AWWA Chair Charts a Course CA-NW AWWA Chair Kirk Medina with Past Chair Sue Mosburg (left) and Chair-Elect FEEDBACK By Kirk Medina ILIKE TO THINK OF THE SECTION as a large ship, set on a course to pro-vide water professionals technical in-formation, training, and networking op-portunities. As the theme of this year’s Annual Fall Conference suggested, we are in search of solutions for a changing world, a quest I would like us to remain focused on throughout the coming year. Since its inception in 1920, the California-Ne-vada Section has been considered a leading au-thority on drinking water and quickly became the largest Section in AWWA. Today, with nearly 6,000 members, we make up over 10 percent of the AWWA membership. With six Divisions, 31 Technical Committees, 14 Standing Committees, two Councils, and a staff of 12 employees, we are well equipped to navigate the challenging waters ahead. The Section gained over 300 new members in the 2014-15 fiscal year and added two new Stu-dent Chapters. Attendance in our expanded Edu-cation Program surpassed all expectations, and a newly developed Scholarship program will pro-vide assistance to promising students. Even with these successes, however, we need to continually make minor adjustments to stay on course. To assure that we are addressing the needs of all of our members, an Ad Hoc Committee has been established to evaluate the Section’s Divi-sion and Committee structure. The committee will solicit input from all of the Section’s Techni-cal Committee chairs and make certain of mem-ber support before making recommendations Heather Collins. to the Governing Board. It’s possible that some of the proposals may require modifications to our By-Laws. To facilitate this process, the Past Chairs Committee will conduct a review of the information collected and recommend any nec-essary changes. The goal is to complete this new realignment by Fall 2016, although the process may extend into Spring 2017. As my term as Chair approached, I asked my-self, “Who is navigating this ship?” I was pret-ty certain that it wouldn’t be me alone. In the modern world, we no longer depend on fearless explorers risking their lives as they set sail for uncharted territories. Instead, we rely on proven strategies and teamwork to achieve our dreams. My plan for this year is to help us expand our horizons so that the California-Nevada Section can continue to maintain its leadership role as we sail the continually evolving world of water. S I would like to share my experience in submitting an article for the Fall 2015 issue of SOURCE (Stakeholder Input Expands Options for Recycled Water Project.) The editor, Penelope Grenoble, was able to take a lengthy rough draft and shape it into a great narrative that tells the story of our client’s experience very well with a minimal amount of back and forth. I encourage other compa-nies and water utilities with success stories to reach out to SOURCE and share them with readers. Thank you to Ms. Grenoble and all the hard working people at SOURCE for their help and commitment in showcasing the i mportant work being done in water reuse. Best, Oliver Slosser Senior Water Resources Engineer, MWH

SOURCE - Winter 2016
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